Źle z Firefoksem?

Uwaga: ten wpis powstał dawno temu. Istnieje spora szansa, że nie odzwierciedla obecnych poglądów i opinii autora.

Pierwsze efekty firefoksowego bloku na Google News – wyniuchałem (nieco późno) co Mike Connor pisze o problemach Firefoksa:

This is bugging me, and its been bugging me for a while. In nearly three years, we haven’t built up a community of hackers around Firefox, for a myriad of reasons, and now I think we’re in trouble. Of the six people who can actually review in Firefox, four are AWOL, and one doesn’t do a lot of reviews. And I’m on the verge of just walking away indefinitely, since it feels like I’m the only person who cares enough to make it an issue. Things I’ve raised in relatively private contexts have gone unanswered, and I’m growing increasingly cynical about our ability to ship 1.1 early enough to make 1.5 remotely viable this year. At the glacial pace of development we’re currently running at, I don’t see how the ambitious plans for 2.0 are going to be at all viable before late 2006. Maybe I’m wrong, but no one’s bothered to take five minutes and tell me that.

Neil Deakin wspomina o tym przy okazji pisania o przyszłości Mozilla Suite:

There’s also the issues with the Firefox review and management process, which is, I suspect, the main reason the key developers on the Seamonkey supporters list are against Firefox. You see, Firefox has different reivew process than the rest of Mozilla code. Is that a good thing? Could be, but probably not. Considering one of the Firefox developer’s thoughts on these kinds of things, that the Firefox module owner doesn’t really do any reviews, and that the Firefox poster boy hasn’t done much at all recently, I’d imagine some changes are needed.

W artykule Firefox Is Heading Towards Trouble na eWeek pojawia się ton nieco kasandryczny:

If the Mozilla Foundation and Firefox friends like Google don’t start spending money—right now—to hire more programmers, more project managers and more servers, it won’t matter how many ads in the New York Times Firefox supporters take out, Firefox will have already reached its high tide of popularity and we can only wait for the ebb to begin.

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  1. marcoos pisze:

    A najfajniejsze brednie są na Slashdocie. "Firefox Foundation" i w ogóle MoFo się rozlatuje. :-) ;)

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