GNU/Hurd 1.0!

Nie mogłem się oprzeć pokusie zacytowania:

In what some are calling the most shocking development since the invention of fire, Richard M. Stallman today unveiled the first official release of the GNU Project’s operating system kernel, GNU/Hurd 1.0.0.

How was GNU able to produce the new operating system so quickly? Simple. They used GNU Emacs as the base.

„We were going to develop our own microkernal-based system from scratch,” RMS explained. „Based on development trends, however, we calculated that such a project wouldn’t be completed until 2014, or roughly two years after the projected release date of Windows Vista. So we decided to switch gears and do something we should have done a long time ago: build our operating system on top of Emacs.”


Tego sensacyjnego newsa znalazłem dzięki „Linux and Open Source Blog”.

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