Web 2.1

Za Google Blogoscoped:

Version 2.1 of the Web is now available, featuring significant improvements over the older 2.0 version.

The most significant upgrade is that there is now support for the server-side blink tag.

That’s right, instead of relying on the frustrating <blink> tag – which is non-standard and not compatible with all web browsers – blinking text can now be achieved in a fully standards-compliant manner.

The server-side blink tag works by using a timed AJAX request, to let a Web 2.1 compatible server update the client document so that the blinking text is turned invisible. This request also triggers another timed AJAX request, which allows the server to restore the blinking text after the requested delay.

Welcome to the new world of Web 2.1 :)

Może Ci się również spodoba