Nie jesteśmy sami?

Projekt SETI@Home znalazł interesujący sygnał:

Had it happened once, it would have been interesting. Twice would have been a bit of a coincidence. But scientists believe a strange radio signal from space spotted three times last year could be a message from another world.
The signal has only been observed for about a minute in total, not long enough to allow astronomers to analyse closely.
But it is unlikely to be the result of any radio interference or noise, and does not resemble an astronomical object.

Naukowcy się podrajcowali:

The signal is the most exciting find in the six-year history of the Setihome project, which uses programmes running as screensavers on millions of personal computers worldwide to sift through the vast amount of data from Arecibo.
„It’s the most interesting signal from Setihome,” said radio astronomer Dan Werthaimer from the University of California at Berkeley. „We are not jumping up and down, but we are continuing to observe it.”

Ciekawe co właściwie znaleźli…

Być może więcej informacji niż na The Guardian można by znaleźć pod podanym w notce na /. linkiem do artykułu na New Scientist, ale serwis najwyraźniej został zaslashdotowany.

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