Dlaczego lepiej używać IE niż Fx?

Taki stary tekst znalazłem. Kilka tekstów naprawdę fajnych, pokazują jakie trzeba mieć upodobania, by wybrać IE.

You think it’s cool and „in” to use IE because everyone you know is using it – hint: it’s not cool, it’s definitely not „in”, and you’re probably mixing with the wrong people. Unless, of course, you’re one of the following people: Microsoft employees, politicians, lawyers, masochists.

A co z blokowaniem pop-upów?

You like getting those popup or pop-under ads because you actually click them. Maybe you find them exciting. Like how you find any new advertisements with David Beckham in it exciting :p. Popup blocking? No thanks, I like my popups fast and pornographic.

Przeglądanie w zakładkach? Fe!

You find that having many IE windows open makes you look busy. Your boss sometimes looks over your shoulder.


Why would I want tabbed browsing for anyway? One webpage, one new window is your philosophy. After all, I have lots of RAM.

I oczywiście bezpieczeństwo:

You enjoy getting Windows updates (that is, if you use Windows). Getting the latest security patches for IE vulnerabilities makes you feel like a geek superior.

Ładne, co?

Może Ci się również spodoba